Spring Asparagus


Fresh asparagus is ready to be made into some delicious cream of asparagus soup.  Love when the vegetables start coming in.  

Been busy working on a quilt with my daughter Sharon.  It is in it’s beginning stages.  I will show you a picture when it is done.  It is a wedding gift for a good friend.

Went to a Erlbacher sock knitting get together. Learned up a bunch of new things I will be showing you soon.  It was a goood time lots of friends and laughter.

I have been spinning some mountain goat fiber with some of my border/merino sheep fiber.  A friend found some goat fiber and ask me to try spinning it.  Hope it turns out like he wants.  Will show it to you soon.

Baby goats growing so fast.  They are already trying to eat out of a feed dish. They are real funny to watch.

Just whipped up a batch of friendship bread.  Like to make a bunch up so I have it when kin and friends stop by.

Thought you might like my cream of asparagus soup directions  so here goes.

1 quart cream

bunch of  asparagus cut up small. Approximately  3 cups.

Bacon cut up and fried put  grease and all into cream with 1 stick butter

cook until asparagus just tender.

Mix 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 cup milk together. Put in soup mixture to thicken it.

When done I like to add 1 cup cheddar cheese just let it melt in soup.

Dog gone that is goood eatin.

Well have a good day and come again.







Storms on the farm

Storms on the farm

Looks like I will be inside catching up on fiber projects.  I need to catch up on grinding some wheat for flour and grind some corn for corn bread.  I also need to wash up some chicken eggs.  Them chickens have been  producing quite of few eggs hear lately.

I will be going to the Erlbacher Circular sock knitting gathering in Cape Girardeau this weekend.   Always a great event we all learn something.  I will be selling my dye boards and new bobbin holding box. Hope some of you are comin.

Hete is a good corn muffin recipe

2 cups unbleachef all purpose flour

1 cup fone ground corn

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bakin soda

2 large eggs (fresh from chicken)

1 cup white sugar

8 TB butter (fresh made from cows milk)

3/4 cups sour cream

1/2 cup fresh milk

1 1/2 cups fresh corn kernels

Heat oven to 400 put cast iron skillet in to heat it up. Pour batter in skillet bake about 18 min.

Well enough talkin better get something done.

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Have fun join some of our classes

Dye Loom

Dye Loom

We are busy making dye boards right now. It is that time of year when everyone starts thinking about getting out side and trying new yarn colors.20150112_131537

Come take our class on the square wood board. Fun fun fun

I am anxiously waiting for our new baby goats. The 3 nubien moms are proabbly just as anxious as I am.
Garden time is coming quick. Gotta get that little green house up.

St. Patrick day tomorrow going to work on my dough for snake bread.

Got some classes coming up I have to get things ready for students.

Lord only knows how much spring work I will be doing.
Pork chop bake about done better get dinner done.

Be back soon

Check out the class section or products and see what you might have to have.

Rainy Sunday

Got up with the chickens this morning. I can see their light come on from our house. I keep a light on them for about 12hours a day this gives them 12 hours of happy sunny days and encourages them to lay more eggs. I am not sure all of the chickens know that is what it means. 20 chickens 10 eggs hmmmm! Don’t you love fresh chicken eggs.

Wow the seed catalogs are arriving. Makes you want a big ripe tomatoe. Kinda makes you feel like spring is around the corner. Not sure whose corner. It is rainy and cold at this corner.

You know I love rainy days. Rainy days gives me the desire to create more items and make something delicious for supper. Tonight I am going to make a big pan of rabbit and mushroom gravy. I bought a couple rabbits to fry up. Yeah I have rabbits but they have names and I just as soon buy one that I am not familiar with.

Today is Sunday and we will be leaving to go to church as soon as I make Don breakfast and the two dogs Spinner and Chloe breakfast they all eat the same thing (no not dog food) bacon,eggs, peanut butter toast. Yeap there spoiled.

Gotta get the outside animals taken care of so gonna say bye and I will be back again soon.

Talk at you later.

New Year – New Classes

It is time to line up the new classes for the up coming year.  If you are interested in Drop Spindle (spinning), Beginners Spinning or beginning weaving I have classes in February forming now.  Contact me at yarnfarms@gmail.com .  The classes are limited so please sign up soon.


How about a Crochet  Pattern written by Dorothy Steiner.  You will have a hard time finding such a fine crochet person as Dorothy.

Fingerless Gloves

Material:  Lion Brand Yarn  Vanna’s  Choice Medium Weight 3 oz.

Hook:  H and F.  Tapestry needle

Optional:  Buttons, ribbons, flowers.

Row 1.  With H hook chain 31 turn, sc in second ch from hook and each ch across  (30 sc)  chain 1 turn

Row 2.  Switch to F hook, sc in back loop of  10 sc (wrist).  Switch to H hook ,sc in back loop of 20 sc (hand) ch 1 turn.

Row 3.  Still working with H hook sc in back loop of 20 sc. Switch to F hook, work in back loop of 10 sc. ch 1 turn.

continue work row 2 and 3 until 24 rows have been completed.  fasten off.

*note: more rows can be added for larger hands.

fold glove in half.  Starting at top of glove, sew first 7 sts together. fasten off.

Skip next 6 stitches (thumb hole)  Re=attach to next stitch and sew to the end of glove.

sc around top of glove.(approx. 25 sc)

sc around wrist (approx. 25 sc.)

Embellish however you like.
Hope you enjoy the pattern.

Have been busy finishing a quilt and a hand spun, hand knit sweater.  I am now ready to start on a wallaby sweater.  I have had the pattern for a while and have not been able to do it so I am starting now.

I soon should have baby goats.  I look so forward to those cute little animals they are so fun.  It also means fresh goats milk hmmm.

The chickens were to lazy to lay eggs for a while but, they are back at it again.  Thank goodness.

I have not had to much of an opportunity to knit on my sock machine.  I had hurt my back and it has been hard to sit and use it.  But, hopefully, things are getting better and I can start knitting socks again for my Walk Away From Addiction Program.

Well time to get the dinner on-  Deer Hash and Home made biscuits.

You all come back and check out my blog again soon.  Sorry so long to get back to you all.






Spring is here – I think




Spring Snow Man

Sping is here and it is 17 degrees here on the farm.  The GREAT snowman was built by  Don and I during our spring 6 inches of snow.  Can’t even plant the potatoes because the ground can’t be worked.  You are suppose to have the potatoes in on March 17th.  Gonna have a late garden.  Even the spring  baby goat has not sprung out yet.  Always seems to go slow when you are waiting for the little goats, sheep and rabbits to arrive.  Chickens are laying eggs like crazy so we have plenty of eggs to eat.  Speaking of spring it snowed 6inches so you can see a picture here of the snowman we built.

Have been working on a shawl for Emma my perfect grand daughter to wear to the prom.  Unfortunately, I am not pleased with it I used yarn that I thought was beautiful  but when I made the shawl it looked like a rag rug.  Haven’t shown it to Emma yet I will get her opinion.  While I wait for an opinion I am busily making another shawl.

Emma's Prom shawl

Emma’s Prom shawl

I also finished my civil war quilt I was making for my husband Don

Quilt I made for my husband

Quilt I made for my husband

I am getting ready to go to a circular sock knitting event in Cape Giradeau.  We all sit around and visit and make socks and other things like scarves, sock monkies and many other things. We have a great time and you can  just sit and do nothing but  use our sock machines for 3 days.  I am dying yarn to take with me.  Don made me a loom type defice to dye my yarn on many years back so I think I am going to try it again.  When yarn is done I will send a photo.  I also am working on a yo yo quilt.  I have always wanted to try to make one so here we go.  Will let you know how it goes.

Bought a new washing machine for the cabin,  I WILL  use it. I posted a picture at the bottom of the page.

My new washing machine

My new washing machine

Got to go take care of the animals and make some cookies.




Spin some yarn in February

Yes it is time to sit and spin some of my wonderful fiber.  I have some from my lama’s, sheep and goats.  Today I will be spinning some of my blue face border sheep fiber.  This is a nice warm wool yarn.  I love to make hats, scarfs, gloves and socks from this fiber.  Wool to me is one of the easier fibers to spin.  I have spun about 250 yards since January not a lot but, I do a lot of other things in between my spinning.

I have been working on a triangle loom that belongs to my daughter.  She wants a shawl made with a certain type yarn to make sure the yarn looks like she thinks it should.  She dosn’t have a lot of time to work on the loom so I am the test pilot.  When I am finished I will post a picture.

I will be going to Indiana in a couple of weeks for a circular sock knit in.  I am hoping to get some socks made to give away.  My walk away from addiction program has done well and I love giving the socks to others. I have made  last year and January of this year a total of  approximately 50 pairs of socks  to give away.

I have been getting about 12 eggs a day.   So lots of baking going on to keep up with those eggs.  I found a great receipt for my ground yellow corn and my eggs.  I thought you might like to try it out.

2 C. unbleached flour

1 C fine ground whole grain yellow corn

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

2 large eggs

1 cup white sugar

8 TB regular butter, melted

3/4 c whole sour crean

1/2 c whole milk (love cows milk or my goat milk)

Heat oven to 400 degrees, grease muffin tins, whisk flour, corn meal, baking powder, baking soda in a bowl . Set aside

whisk eggs about 30 seconds, add sugar whisk for 30 sec. add melted butter, add sour cream whisk together all ingredients for 30 seconds are a little longer.  Combine the dry ingredients. remember it is best not to over mix muffins or bread.  Scoop into muffin tins bake until golden brown.  about 20 minutes. THESE ARE REALLY GOOD>

Went shopping with my grand daughter for her prom dress.  How much fun can one person stand.  She looked so cute in everything she put on but, we did wind up with two dresses one burgandy and the other blue.  I know we just couldn’t decide on which one to keep.  She will have to try jewlery and shoes and make her mind up on the one she likes best.  She can always use an extra fancy dress after all she is a girl.

My grandson August made the dean list at Mizzou of course we are really proud grandparents.  Emma made her 4th year for the award of  Important person of the year  at her school.

Well I have  chatted long enough I better get the bread out of the oven and check the home made veggie soup.

Have a wonderful Valentine Day.   Hope to see some coments and posts.  The following is a picture of my Border Sheep.

Thanks for stoping by          blue face Border Sheep


Catch UP


Cold days mean time to work on things I left lay all summer.  Lots of spinning, weaving and canning.  I have fiber that lays there needing my attention and this is the time I devote to it.  I have my llama, angora bunny and sheep fiber cleaned and ready to spin.  I love spinning probably one of my favorite things to do.  But, you must do something with that lovely yarn.  I have knitted 2 sweaters so far and hope for more knitting to get done.  Also, I have spun some of my flax and  I am trying to accumulate enough yarn to weave some linen  fabric this year.  I processed what I could of this years flax but we didn’t have a good growing season the weather just got to hot to fast.

Well we have gotten a new farm friend.  He is a 9 month old nubien buck.  As soon as I figure out how to put a picture of him on here I will show him to you.  He is a spotted  black and white buck.  I love the spots and hope he and my  nubien girl lillian can make lots of spots on their baby nubiens.

I canned some meat this week.  Won’t tell ya what kind cause some readers are sensative to certain things that I might can. I am however married to a hunter.  The canning turned out great and can’t wait for a dish of canned meat , canned beans and canned squash.  I love the home made things I bet you do to.

My Perfect grandson Augustus came home for a Christmas break from Mizzou.  He is studying to be an Ag Teacher.  I am sure he will be a PERFECT teacher.  While home he helped us get hay.  Thank God he was here.  The bales  were HEAVY  and I am not quite as strong as him. Last year was such a hot year we didn’t get enough hay so we had to buy some. darn!

Well it is time to get a roast in the oven and the home made bread to risen.  I am going to do some spinning and soap making.  I made some GREAt Peppermint soap yesterday and today it will be lemom grass.

Found out how to put the picture here.

Dezi  Nubien Buck

Dezi Nubien Buck






What in the World

What in the world have I been doing.  WHEW!  lots of things.  Here are just a few.

Well I did Deutsch Country Days.  Talked to lots of  people and sold some of my rag rug looms and place mat looms.  Sold some of my hand spun and dyed yarn.

I also attended the Circular Sock Knitting gathering at Sue Vunesky’s shop.  What a Great time lots of people knitting away.  I brought Charlotte Hellman with me to the gathering and she started using her machine again.  She did GREAT.  I made a pair of socks.  Love my circular sock knitting machine socks.  We also made what they call a blank with a secret message.  I made a blank and now I will put it in to a ball and knit my Perfect Granddaughter Emma a pair of socks with a secret message.

I also have moved all my sheep and goats to there new building and fenced in area by the cabin.  OH my it is so nice to have them right by the cabin.  I am getting 12 to 14 eggs a day from the chickens.  Guess we will be eating a lot of eggs.  I have held some great classes in the cabin.  We made rugs, dolls, yarn spinning, drop spindle spinning and a lot more.

I went to the Fiber Fling in Steelville and taught a class on drop spindle.  It went well and everyone went away drop spinning.  It is a lot of fun and you don’t have to have a spinning wheel to do it.

I am planning a felting scarve class for some new felters within the next two weeks.   I will be having more classes as time permits.  In the winter it is a great time to catch up on projecst and start new ones.

I am hoping to have new bunnies this week end.  My German Angora bunny is going to have a litter and my Calinfornia rabbit.  No baby llama this year.  Gypsy didn’t have one as we expected.  Perhaps just to hot this summer for her to carry it.  Tommy Boy, Laura Lou and Gypsy are all doing good.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving all the kids and there families came to my daughter and Son in Laws home.   We  cooked and ate to much.  Now we are getting ready for Christmas here at the yarn farm.  We always spend a little time  in the cabin and then into the house for the big meal and PRESENTS.

Well time to clean the house and bake some Cinnamon roles.  I am working on finishing a pair of hand knitted socks and a sweater.  We are going to Journey Through Bethleham this weekend in Sullivan Missouri.  They are using Snow White and Ginger snap are two ewes.  Also, they will have 3 of our chickens.  This is a wonderful event.

Have a good week and hope to chat  more often.  Thanks for joining in on my little blog talk.






Vote for ROMEY

Tomorrow i will be working at the election polo and this is probably one of the most important elections that I have ever worked. It is so imperative that all get out and vote for our and our childrens future. Please vote for the man that will help to bring our family values and government back where it should be. THANK YOU